Port of Kalama Administration Building

Blending turn-of-the-century industrial elements with modern functionality and environmental consideration, the Port of Kalama building integrates interpretive programming into administrative operations.

Project details

Administrative Offices & Interpretive Center
Kalama, WA
Building Area
13,530 sq.ft.

The Port of Kalama administration buildingwas a unique project integrating an interpretive center highlighting theregion's transportation history into the building's functional framework.

Anticipating the future placement of ahistoric locomotive, the building's exterior wall was uniquely engineered to beremovable, facilitating the locomotive's entry post-construction.

In line with the Port's request, our designechoed elements of turn-of-the-century industrial buildings achieved throughmetal roofing and siding, along with steeply pitched gabled roofs featuring adistinctive cupola from a historic ferry control house, adding a touch ofauthenticity and nostalgia.

Collaborating closely with the metal sidingmanufacturer, we developed custom color sheet metals, capturing the essence ofaged, rusty siding and an old, galvanized roof, without the environmentalconcerns of zinc runoff. These choices were instrumental in creating a buildingthat harmoniously blends with its historical context, appearing as if it couldbe a decade or several decades old.

Designing spaces that are functional, deeplyrooted in and reflective of their historical and cultural surroundings is adefining component of our development approach.

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