Our architectural services are informed by the intersection and experience of the six primary sectors we develop for.

It's an approach that brings cross-disciplinary expertise, empathy, and commitment to creating spaces that positively impact communities and the people that define them.

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01. Community

Spaces that foster social interaction and engagement that enhance quality of life and community vitality.

02. Public Safety

Creating secure, sociable, and efficient emergency service and public safety facilities that support workplace and employee well-being and the community protection services they enable.

03. Education

Developing educational environments that inspire learning and growth, combining insightful design with functionality, safety, and adaptability to accommodate evolving educational needs.

04. Institutional

Architectural solutions for governmental and health facilities, focusing on longevity, cost-effectiveness, functionality, and design that enhances participant experience and the institution's role in the community.

05. Industrial

Designing efficient, practical industrial spaces, prioritizing functionality, safety, and workplace well-being while accommodating specialized equipment and workflows for various industrial applications.

06. Commercial

Spaces that balance aesthetic appeal with practicality to develop considered customer experiences coupled with monetizable business needs.

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Aetta architects. Interior design material, color, and finish selection.

Thoughtfully designed interiors contribute to a heightened sense of well-being and ambiance that is increasingly becoming a constructive competitive differentiator.

We collaborate with our clients to develop building flow and focus supported by color, material, fitting, and fixture specifications that best support it, followed by a clear procurement and installation plan to put it in place.

Interior Design

Intelligent interior design is more than aesthetics, it's a vital process for enhancing performance and fostering positive interaction.

Ridgefield Community Library

Process & Planning

Much like the culture that defines Aetta, our process is personable, to the point, and comprehensively structured in ten steps to enable clarity, clear communication, and well-defined expectations.


Introductions & Orientation

We begin with a structured meeting to understand your project's scope and objectives. Here, you'll be introduced to the principal overseeing your project, offering a blend of leadership and hands-on management.


Aspirations & Analysis

A comprehensive discussion will follow to structure your requirements into an Aspirations & Analysis document. This step involves a series of questions designed to draw out details that will shape the success of your project.



Based on the analysis, we assign a dedicated architectural and production team, matching member strengths with project needs.


Outreach & Engagement

Pending need, project type, and stakeholder dynamics, we will scale an outreach and engagement program designed to foster collaboration, gather insights, and build constructive relationships with respective parties.


Concept Development

We synthesize the information collected into a preliminary design concept aligned with our findings and your aspirations to present a shared understanding of the project.


Iterative Feedback  

Your feedback is integral. We will present our initial concepts to you and refine them based on your input, ensuring the final plan is in line with your expectations.



Once the plan incorporates all revisions, we define and finalize the direction and present for approval.


Project Realization  

The project moves into the realization stage, with ongoing communication to keep you informed and involved.


Completion & Review  

Upon project completion, we conduct a thorough review to ensure every aspect meets your standards and our quality benchmarks. Project documents are assembled into a clear, concise package and delivered.


Success & Celebration  

Over the years, we've found it an enjoyable practice to photograph completed projects and celebrate their success with our clients. Sometimes it's a dinner and a few posts, and others, a ribbon and scissors.

ProJect OutReach

What is the winning aspiration? & What must be true to make it happen?
Bringing together knowledge and ingenuity to realize the best of people and place is the heart of our process. This process starts with listening and learning about the needs that lay between the lines, the budgets that make them viable, and the lives of people who will call the spaces we collectively realize work, school, or valued parts of their community. 
Answering the above means bringing together stakeholders like clients, investors, community members, regulatory bodies, and others who may actively interact with the project. Establishing dialogue, developing a needs and interest assessment, creating a project communication plan, and maintaining relationships are integral parts of the Aetta process.
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